Thursday, September 24, 2009

Alvaro Castagnet Workshop

Alvaro in downtown Indianapolis

compressed charcoal drawing

after the demo downtown
Alvaro Castagnet

my version of Venice. After Alvaro's demos, we all tried his technique, using his painting as a reference. He paints very fast and makes it look easier than it is.

my version - Alvaro uses big squirrel mop brushes. His technique is wonderful - 1st layer after a quick drawing is washy, colorful, light, then next wash is darker and lets the light wash underneath glow. It sounds simple, right? It takes lots of practice to get the skill Alvaro has.

My Version of Alvaro's painting

Alvaro giving a demo. He uses wonderful, colorful grays that have warms and cools and varying values. Sooooo much painting to do....such wonderful inspiration!


  1. sounds like a wonderful workshop. Your work looks great!xoxoxo

  2. Jan I think you did a wonderful job. Of course, it helps having the experience and accomplishments you already appear to have. I'm a huge fan of A.C. and J.Z.